Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Technique Tuesday with Cynthialoowho♥

Stampin with Spray's

Today's technique is stamping with Starburst's, Glitz Spritz, and Moon Shadows!
Make sure to use a stamp that has a large surface. (small details won't show up)
I'm using this beautiful stamp set by Lindy's Stamp Gang "Japanese Maple Duet"
I used the 2 bigger leaf stamps.

Once you have your stamp on your block spritz once or twice, don't worry about the beading it will fill out once stamp is pressed.
Press down firmly and fast.
This color is Autumn Maple Crimson Starburst Spray.

I also used Delphinium Turquoise Starburst Spray and got this beautiful image!

You can use this technique for a single image or make an amazing background for any project!
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  1. thanks for the tip, I have these sprays and I draw blanks with what to do with them.

  2. Ooh, wow, how cool!! I've been wondering if/how the sprays could be used with stamps, can't wait to try this!