Tips, Tricks & Problem Solving


When filling your Lindy's Stamp Gang Starbursts, Moon Shadows or Glitz Spritzes, make sure you use warm or hot water. We recommend filtered water, if you have it, though tap water will work as well, (if you know your water is full of minerals or chemicals, we would highly recommend using filtered water just to make sure it doesn't react with the colors).
Make sure to fill your bottle to the top of the label, shake & let sit for at least 10 minutes. Then you are ready to go!

It's best to use FILTERED water with the stains to make sure the daubers stay unclogged and issue free! For either the Old Hairy or Old Baldy.

Our embossing powders have the addition of micas that sometimes like to "halo" on the paper. A few tricks to help prevent this:
1. make sure the card stock/paper you use has a flat coating, (rather than the more fibrous finish)
2. wipe your surface with a dryer sheet (bounce, etc) before stamping
3. use a dusting cloth (like swifter) after you emboss & the embossing powder has cooled
All of our base embossing powder is from Ranger, Inc so we are at the mercy of their formula. Their darker colored embossing powder has gotten finer over the years, which has added to the "halo" effect, especially on lighter colored card stock/paper.

Recently, I've had complaints about our sprayers not working correctly or leaking.  I have contacted the sprayer manufacturer to find out if this was a defective batch or if there is another reason for all the problems.  We've never, ever had this much trouble with our sprayers, so we are going to get to the bottom of it all.
Here's some suggestions for "fixing" them:
1.  Clear the tube (toothpicks work great)
2.  Cut off a bit of the end of the tube (the "bad" ones weren't cut exactly the right length) & you can even heat the tube up with a heat gun & give the tube a bit of a bend
3. If that doesn't do it, stomp up & down & email me because you got a REALLY stubborn one!

So, if you have ANY problems after trying the tricks..............from leaking, to sprayers not depressing correctly, to sprayers not spraying, etc., please, please, please email me and we will replace any defective sprayer at no charge!  We stand by our products and want our customers to be fully satisfied, so please let us know, we really do want to hear from you!!!

I've gotten word from some of our customers that they've had a little molding problem with a few of their stains.  Darn it, I sure hate hearing that there are any problems with our products, but I've set about finding a solution!

After many calls, and lots of research, I've been told that the culprit is probably the water you are using.  So, please use "filtered" (or bottles) water for the best results.

There's also a slight chance that our "old hairy" dauber cap allows too much air to get into the bottle, thus giving it a perfect environment to mold.  It seems strange that it's just started, but we want to make it right with our cusotmers, so JUST IN CASE it IS the Old Hairy cap, we are replacing them all with the Old Baldy cap, (which hasn't had any mold problems)

If you are experiencing ANY mold issues, please contact us with your mailing information and how many caps you need and we will send you Old Baldy at no charge.
ANY OTHER PROBLEMS???? Please contact us!!

Thank you for your patience and understanding,