Here are some fabulous techniques by the amazing Lindy herself.

The Scrunch
1.Using a piece of cheap copy paper make a wash using Starburst's or Moon Shadow's.
2. Blob on "splodges" of several other colors.
3. Wad the whole wet mess up and scrunch!
4. Unfold carefully. Flatten. Heat or air dry.
5. When dry, rub peaks with Versamark & sprinkle on two toned embossing powders. Heat
6. You can rub a metallic ink pad over surface (copper is particularly nice on a dark background! Looks like antique metal when using Moon Shadows)

Kleenex and Starburst, Moon Shadows, or Glitz
1.Spread kleenex on newsprint and start spraying with Starburst's, Moon Shadow's , or Glitz spritz.
2. Kleenex will automatically pucker. Heat or air dry.
3. Once dry you can add Two toned embossing powder or spray webbing.
4. Cut into pieces and add to your projects. This makes fantastic faux handmade paper!

Versamark, Fusible Webbing, & Two Toned Embossing Powders.
1. Tap Versamark all over card stock and swirl on Magical Mica's in several dazzling colors.
2. After covering all card stock shake off excess powder.
3. Place fusible webbing onto card stock and into lace.
4. Pour on several colors of Two Toned Embossing Powders and heat from underneath until melted.
The radiant colors of the Magical Mica's will show through the "enameled" lace.

Two Toned Embossing Powders & Sprays
1. Pour 1 or more Two Toned Embossing powders on card.
2. Heat from underneath until melted.
3. While melted spray with Starbursts, Moon Shadows, or Glitz Spritz to create craters.
4. Heat or air dry.

Elmer's Glue & Starburst's or Moon Shadow's
1. Make trails of glue all over card.
2. Apply heat while wet. (Too much heat will make glue flat)
3. Spray liberally with 1 or more of your choice of Starburst's or Moon Shadow's.

Use your stamps
1. Spray card liberally with your choice of Starburst's, Moon Shadow's, or Glitz Spritz.
2. Heat or air dry.
3. Using Versamark stamp an image all over card.
4. Sprinkle with Two Toned Embossing powders.
5. Heat set.


  1. Very interesting results and so pretty.

  2. Thank you so much! This is extraodinary! You are so generous to share your gift, and I really appreciate it.