Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lindy's "Pin it to Win it!" Contest

Hello everyone! 
It's Sharon here, and today I'd like to welcome you to the blog, and to our first "Pin it to Win it" Contest. We know how much fun it is to receive some free goodies in the mail, and thought this would be a cool way to give one lucky winner some of our fabulous products.
If you are new to Lindy's Stamp Gang, we want to welcome you, and encourage you to follow our blog so you can have access to all the great project posts our fabulous Design Team shares, as well as the awesome techniques, and info you need to get in on our sales, blog hops, contests, and more! We'd love for you to come and visit often! (click on the button at the lower right hand corner of the blog to join).
Before giving you the details on what exactly you need to do to win the fabulous stash in the picture below, (you want to stick around to the end of the post because these colors are awesome, and handpicked by the lovely Tracey, Lindy's Stamp Gang owner!), we'd like to fill you in a little on what our different product lines are, since many of you joining us today might be new to the blog, and since in the last couple of months we've added a new product line to the mix, with some fabulous vibrant colors which are completely different from what you've regularly seen from Lindy's Stamp Gang.

We pride ourselves on quick shipping with a smile, great products at a great price, and treating our customers like we'd like to be treated!! 
Here's some of what we have to offer: 
There are deep, rich, vibrant colors with a two-toned shimmer! These are all dye based products, which give them that vibrancy, and can be used on any porous surface, (paper, wood, fabric, balsa, chipboard, etc) They are all two-toned, and spectacular! For different textures try pressing gently on the sprayer which will produce larger droplets, while pressing firmly will give you a fine mist.
For the Stains, we offer 2 different daubers for creating your own look.  Old Hairy gives a large starburst effect when "splatted" on project, where Old Baldy, (the all time favorite), gives a smaller starburst and a bit more control when painting.  Either are available as add-ons to our Staruburst Sprays in our "tools" area of our website.
Color Shots are the same vibrant colors, that come in a wide mouth 2oz jar for easy painting application.  Can be mixed with any medium, not just water, (ie., modge podge, rubbing alcohol instead of water, acrylic glaze, etc).

These sprays are vibrant juicy colors with NO shimmer. Totally different from the Starburst Stains, but just as awesome! We have released quite a variety of sets, and they are absolutely fabulous to work with on mix media projects. You have to try them!

These are perfect for vintage projects! All the colors have a brown undertone, and a gorgeous secondary color! Based on an Old World Walnut Ink recipe. These, just like the Starbursts and Flat Fabios, can be used on any porous surface.
The Mists come with a great non-clogging sprayer for beautiful spray application.  Spray on the edges of projects and rub with a paper towel to give an aged look.  Use directly out of the bottle to rub onto projects to antique them, or spray, and then dab up with a paper towel for a softer look.
Moon Shadow Ink Pots  come in a wide mouth 2oz jar for easy painting application. Just like the Color Shots, these can be mixed with any medium, not just water, (ie., modge podge, rubbing alcohol instead of water, acrylic glaze, etc).
These colors are often referred to as the softer side of Lindy’s Gang!  It's no color, just the shimmer! They add a soft colored shimmer on light cardstock & make a bright colored shimmer on dark card stock! Great for adding shimmer to any project or soft pastel-like color.  
The Spritzes are the sprays and the Glitz Shots come in a wide mouth 2oz jar for easy painting application and dipping.  Can be mixed with any medium, not just water, (ie., modge podge, rubbing alcohol instead of water, acrylic glaze, etc).
These are unique, vibrant colors for painting! Magicals match our Starbursts perfectly, and come in the same sets as the Starbursts for easy coordination.
Use as you would powdered pigment paints, but make sure to mix the powder thoroughly with water before applying.
We are proud of our gorgeous two-toned embossing powders.  Vibrant embossing powders with a unique secondary shimmer as you move your projects.  Gives your creation amazing movement, and a totally different look than a regular embossing powder would give you.
Use as you would any embossing powder, and enjoy all the awesome color variation as you move your project in the light!
These are just some of the many things Lindy's Stamp Gang has to offer. We also have some great stamps designed by Lindy herself, the mastermind behind all the Lindy's Stamp Gang goodness, also some great filagrees, brass charms, and some great tools to complement your Lindy's Stamp Gang products. You can slook around and shop by clicking HERE.
Now, for the contest!
Follow the rules closely so you can be eligible to win!
1. Go to the Lindy's Stamp Gang's Pinterest page, and look at our Lindy's Pin it to Win it can find that by clicking HERE.
2. Pin the picture you see there to one of your boards for your followers to see (it is the same picture you saw at the beginning of this post--see above). You MUST pin from the picture on the  Lindy's Stamp Gang Board to be eligible to win (Please DO NOT pin from this blog post).  Make sure you leave a comment underneath the pin as well, letting us know why you'd love to win the items shown.
3. You have one week to do this. Contest will be open from July 27th, 2012, until August 3rd, 2012. After that date we'll announce the lucky winner here on our blog as well as on our Facebook page. If you currently don't  follow us on Facebook, you are welcome to join us HERE, and you'll be the first to know about new, products, sales, contests and more.
So that is it! Follow the instructions and you could be the lucky winner!!! Good luck and thank you for stopping by the blog today. Have fun pinning!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fantastic Designer Friday with Yvonne Melendez

Hello to all of our Blog Buddies! 
This is Yvonne (aka ScrapBliss) and I have a little project 
I want to share with you today.  

Here is my card... the first is with indoor lighting and the second is outdoor:


For this project I used my Magnolia mermaid stamp, 
Watercolor paper, paintbrushes, 
and Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst in Nantucket Pearls.

All of the Nantucket Pearls have a soft, barely-there pearlized shimmer.
The collection is comprised of 5 colors:
Whale Watch Blue
Cape Cod Coral
Clam Bake Biege
Sea Grass Green
Salt Water Taffy

For this project I used all but the Salt Water Taffy.
Cape Cod Coral for her hair & blush.
Clam Bake Biege for her *skin.
Whale Watch Blue for the scales.
Sea Grass Green for the sea.

* I wanted less pearlizing on her skin, so I didn't shake the bottle before using.  I let the 
pearl powder sit at the bottom and just used it for color.

On a recent trip to Virginia Beach I purchased a starfish and thought it would give this
card the perfect finishing touch.  But it looked a bit dull...

...and definitely need a little extra magic...

Lindy's Magic Moon Pearls was just what it needed!

Wow! Much better, don't you think? LOL!

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you'll be back soon!
Big Shimmery Hugs & Sparkly Kisses,



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Technique Tuesday with Cynthialoowho♥

I painted them white then painted them with some Lindy's Stamp Gang Magical's.

For the Cherry Blossoms I used Wild Honeysuckle Coral, for the Bird's chest I used Freaky Franken-Lime, and for the wings I used Peony Scarlet Red Magical's.
Thanks for stopping by for another
"Technique Tuesday with Cynthialoowho♥"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swirlydoos' July Kit Reveal Blog Hop Block Party!!

Welcome to Swirlydoos' July Kit Reveal Blog Hop Block Party!!

If you came here from Irene's blog (, then you are on the right track. If not, go back to Swirlydoos' blog ( and start from there. We have some amazing projects for you to see today !!

We would like to highlight some of our new & favorite Lindy's Stamp Gang Products!
Please check out our new Flat Fabio line.

Flat Fabio's are fabulous
 vibrant colors you've
come to expect from
Lindy's without the shimmer!

Now if you still want that amazing Lindy's Stamp Gang shimmer try some of our Starbursts, Magical Mica's, or Glitz Spritz!
Beautiful new shabby chic set

for just the shimmer!

We also carry many accents and tools to help use your Lindy's Stamp Gang products.

Dauber caps to turn your 
sprays into stains!

Don't forget our beautiful stamps originally designed by Lindy herself.
Thanks for having a peak and have fun hopping along!

You have until midnight, eastern time, on Monday, July 9th to complete the hop. Winners will be announced on the Swirlydoos Blog on July 10th. In order to qualify to win here is what you need to do:

1: Visit all of the blogs and leave a comment on each. This way we know you were there. Become a follower if you're not already. Take your time. There are REALLY beautiful things to see along the way.
2: Before you leave each blog, look for the “special” words and write it down. 
Once you have visited all the blogs and collected all the special words, they will create a QUESTION. 
3: Finally, go back to the Swirlydoos blog and leave a comment letting us know how much fun you had, tell us the QUESTION that was created with all of the special words you collected, and THEN ANSWER it!! Can't wait to hear from you.
My special word is: IS
The party continues over at Heidi's blog . Have fun!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Sale!

Come celebrate the 4th of July with us!
coupon: july4th

Add a little BANG to your colors with our latest Flat Fabio set:
Get Some Spirit of '76

Technique Tuesday with Cynthialoowho♥

Stain your wood with Lindy's Stamp Gang
Starburst's, Moon Shadow's, & Flat Fabio's
are permanent on porous surfaces!
Here I've used a variety of Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays
Since the release of the new "Flat Fabio's" you now have the option of color with or without shimmer!
From top to bottom I used:

Thank you for stopping by for another
"Technique Tuesday with Cynthialoowho♥"