Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Retiring Colors!

For the first time ever, Lindy's is revamping and retiring colors!!!  
All of this so we can streamline what we've got and come up with new dazzling colors!

Retiring colors are available through August 1, 2013 in Lindy's Vault

Here is a list of colors we giving a fond farewell to:
Starbursts:                                                           Starburst Sets
Amaryllis Burgundy                                              French Country
Breakfast Club Blue                                              Holiday Wreath
Canna Lily Burnt Orange                                      Icicle Creek
Carpathian Bluebells                                             Jamaican Jungle
Cranberry Mist Burgundy                                     Japanese Garden
Don't Eat Golden Snow                                        Mardi Gras Mania
Freaky FrankenLime                                             May Day Meadow
Frolic in the Forest                                                Prairie Wildflowers
Frostbitten Fuchsia                                                Victorian Bouquet
Frosted Forget Me Nots                                        Haunted Halloween
Frosted Purple Iris                                                 Sweet Treats
Frosty Forest Green                                               Jingle Bells
Gator Gumbo Olive                                              Tickle Me Fancy
Ghostly Gargoyle White                                       Naughty & Nice
Golden Lump o'Coal                                            Summer of '89
Gregarious Grey
Heliotrope Purple Plum
Icy Primrose Yellow
Jazzy Jivin' Purple
Love at First Sight Lavendar                              Flat Fabios:
Mountain Lavendar Gold                                   Tears on My Pillow Tangerine
Open Arms Amethyst                                         Flying Monkey Midnight
Passionate Plum                                                  Oz's Emerald City
Peony Scarlet Red                                               Ruby Red Slippers
Ponderosa Pines Olive                                        Wicked Witch Purple
Red Hot Poker Orange
Rhododendron Red Rose
Saxifrage Olive Copper                                      Flat Fabio Set:
Teeth Chattering Teal                                         Wizards of Oz
Tiger Lily Red Orange
Twinkling Tinsel
VaVaVaVoom Violet Blue                                Embossing Powder Sets (all colors available as individuals)
Winter Jasmine Gold                                          Autumn Leaves
Wisteria Purple Blue                                           Cool Yule
Glitz Spritz:                                                       Desert Dreams
Kiss Me Kiwi                                                     Floral Bouquet
Ravishing Ruby                                                  Imperial Treasure
Royal Amber                                                      Jolly Jacks
Royal Amethyst                                                  Rich Royals
Royal Crimson                                                    Snow Drift
Royal Emerald                                                    Summer
Royal Lapis Lazuli                                             Twilight
Vivaceous Violet                                                Winter

Little Lindy kits:

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  1. OMG I don't mean to sound rude but I haven't had a chance to buy some of the sets in my list yet. I just found you not too long ago and already retiring colors :( Surely you will have new colors I will want more right??? :( :( My heart just dropped!!!

  2. Naughty!!!! I have every starburst set, glitz spritz (and moonshadows) and you're not satisfied? Guess my bank manager will be out trimming birch trees for spankings!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Yikes... I haven't had a chance to play with some of them yet! Whew... Hmmm... Maybe NEW colors coming?