Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Water Coloring with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Products

Hi Everyone I Ivett here! have created this beautiful watercolor painting using my Flat Fabio’s. 
This technique will take your love for Lindy’s Stamp Gang products to the next level.
 I have a special love for watercolor painting and have been trying my hand at it for
 a little while when I had an epiphany! 
Why not use my Lindy’s products as a watercolor medium? 
Hmmm well here is the result! 
Make a wash with your Pineapple Paradise Flat Fabio and layer it on your paper 
 Start building your flowers up
 Add details and remember to work in layers!
 Mix you reds & greens to make a brownish color for your foliage.
And voila! Your done super-fast, super easy, & and you get amazing results
The products I used:
Pineapple Paradise Flat Fabio
Summer Lovin’ Sun Flat Fabio
Rizzo’s Rowdy Red Flat Fabio
Luscious Lime Flat Fabio
Toto’s Tornado Black
#6 Simply Simmons round brush
Water Coloring with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Products
Strathmore Water Color 140Lbs. paper


  1. It's absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Tracey J.

  2. Wow I am going to have to try this love it!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It's a really great idea and one I never thought of doing. Cannot wait to try this with the Fabulous Fabios that I have.....Carolyn Knapp

  4. Wow! Now I need more flat fabios!