Friday, April 13, 2012

Fantastic Designer Friday!

Hello fellow crafters!!

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Limor Webber and I am a designer and the Canadian Distributor for Lindy's Stamp Gang.  Here at Lindy's Headquarters we've been brainstorming on how we can share some more techniques, tips and tricks with "You" our customers to show you all the different amazing ways in which you can use your Lindy's products.  What did we come up with?? Well, we came up with "Fantastic Designer Friday".  Every friday you will get the chance to experience a whole new technique and project shared by our amazing designers.  We have the most versatile team in the business which means you will have the opportunity to see some projects in the different styles such as  "Mixed Media", "Shabby Chic", "Grunge", "Vintage"... you get the point Right? LOL!
I think it's time to share with you the project that I created to share with you.

This Canvas has more techniques than I can share in one post so I am going to share one of the techniques I used in this canvas which you will find below these photos.

Magicals and Modeling Paste

Materials Needed:

  • Modeling Paste ( soft or hard)
  • Magical ( any color of your choice)
  • paint brush 
  • palate knife ( popsicle sticks also work great)
  • screen of your choice
  • spray mat

  • Grab a small amount of magical powder with your knife or popsicle stick and place it on your spray mat and take a teaspoon size amount of paste.

  • Start mixing your magical powder  and paste using your knife and watch the paste completely transform into a magical color.  
  • If you are using this technique for a large area, my recommendation is you start with smaller amounts of both the magicals and the paste, keep adding a little bit of both until you get the desired color and amount.  Please note: "A small amount of Magicals goes a long way, it is super concentrated".
  • Take your screen that you have chosen and place it on the surface that you will be designing on

  • Start spreading the colored paste on your screen using the knife.  Note:  You may experience some anxiety while doing this if you've never done this before as it looks kind of horrible while doing it but once you lift the screen off it's pure MAGIC ;).
  • Now all that's left to do is lift the screen and you have a transformed surface for you to create with.  Most Modeling paste takes a good while to dry but I am not one that likes to wait around so I use my trusted heat gun so I can keep creating.

This journal page is no where near done so if you want to see the finished result come back to the Lindy's Youtube channel in a couple days and I will share my finished product where I will be using our brand new "Flat Fabio's Set" to finish it off.
For a more detailed view of my canvas you can view the video below.


Limor Webber


  1. Love it Limor - the modeling paste is fabulous and your page turned out amazing!

  2. Hi LImor! awesome tech!! Im gonna have to get some modeling paste now! TFS!