Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing "Tickle Me Fancy"

This beautiful New set has rich colors and shimmer. Hottie Patottie & Gregarious Grey are not new colors but go with this set beautifully.
Let's start with "Frolic in the Forest Black" it has a deep rich dark color and a gorgeous Deep Emerald Green shimmer.
Midnight Rendezvous Raven is also a deep rich black color with beautiful silver/black shimmer.
Last but not least VaVaVaVoom Violet is a rich black color with a beautiful Violet shimmer.

I decided to alter a candle for a Halloween project, here is a before photo.

Not to bad but it needed a little something ;)
so I started shaving the sides of the candle with a cheese slicer to flatten 3 sides, then I grabbed my craft iron and a spellbinders border die and started putting imprints of the die on the rounded edges.
I applied some silver leaf Rub 'N' Buff to the raised edges and added some Gregarious Grey for some added shimmer.
I used the same spellbinders set to cut out some dies. I added some Midnight Rondezvous Raven and VaVaVaVoom Violet to the die cuts.

I added some trims, bling, and finished it off with Gregarious Grey.

Keep an eye out for this Beautiful New Starburst Set
"Tickle Me Fancy"
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  1. This is definitely a cool candle Cindy!

  2. oooooh I passed an order last week. The colors seems awesome, I was waiting for black colors :)