Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Adventures!

Lindy's Stamp Gang has been on an adventure for the last 10 days!   
Traveling over 3,600 miles, through 7 states, with 3 moms and 6 kids!  It's been an amazing trip with quick stops at lots of sights!

Leaving Ephrata, Washington on June 9, right after school was out, we made it to Boise, Idaho by bedtime, going through Oregon on the way.

Then it was off from Boise, going to Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID moving on to Utah to visit the great Salt Lake stopping in Parowan, UT for the night.

Bright and early, we were off to explore Bryce Canyon and hike the Navajo Trail.  What a gorgeous place!  Then it was back in the car heading through the tip of Arizona and on to Las Vegas, NV for the night at the Golden Nugget.
Day 4 brought us to dad's house in Surprise, AZ for 3 fun & relaxing days by the pool! Whew, we needed the rest, (our booties were tired of sitting!!)!
On June 16, (day 7), we got back in the cars to make the trek back to Washington! Through Palm Springs, LA & Hollywood, our first night's stay in California was in Morro Bay.

Next, we toured the Hearst Castle, then Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Francisco for a quick stop in each. Staying in Willow, CA.

Still heading north through California we saw Lake Shasta, Mt. Shasta, into Oregon, (stopping at the House of Mystery & OSU),  and finally to Winlock, WA, (the original home of LSG).
Day 10, June 19 we traveled from Winlock, WA to Ephrata, WA to see all the dads for Father's Day.
The kids were great, the moms were fantastic, but it's great to be home!  


  1. Welcome home... glad your trip was wonderful !!!

  2. Welcome home!! Glad you built so many family memories!!

  3. I guess I've never read where you started or where you are at. I watched as you traveled right by me in Utah. But when I read Winlock I just shook my head, such a small world. I'm originally from Longview and have friends that live in Winlock. How neat that's the roots of Lindy's. Great pics thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us all! Patti

  4. Looks like you had a great time together!! What a fun trip.....